It’s nothing like jumping on twitter while at a social event and seeing thousands of tweets that say, “They just mentioned you on Single Ladies!!!!!”.  Say What????? Pretty Exciting. I rushed home to catch the re-run and was stoked that they said my name three times throughout the episode.

Apparently, Val (played by Stacey Dash) has a rich customer name Gretchen that hasn’t paid off her tab at the store. They find out on that Gretchen just went through a divorce and was awarded 8.3 million dollars. Throughout the episode Gretchen shops at the store and continues to run up her tab but refuses to pay it off. Val’s new intern eventually takes a photo of Gretchen while she is in the dressing room changing and threatens to send it to “Necole Bitchie” if she didn’t pay up. Gretchen storms out of the dressing room and pays Val while telling her, “The new girl shook me down. Told me if I didn’t pay my tab, she’d tell Necole Bitchie“.

Haha! I’m not that harsh though! Now I feel like an honorary member of the cast. Thanks Single Ladies!

Check it out below @ the 6:13 mark, 31:20 mark and 31:59 mark below:

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Get em Necole!!!!!!!!


ニクソン メンズ


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