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LatreaKimberly 2 Jul ’15 at 8:48 pm

Your story has inspired me. Reigniting my passion to reach people. Thank you and God bless you.

Lyn Osorio 31 Mar ’16 at 6:11 pm

Dear Necole,
I believe that it was meant for me to not only receive this article from you but to read it as well. I feel that you were speaking to me directly. I have been praying and stressing out because I want to start my own business. I am going to be a real estate investor also known as a house flipper. My constant prayer has been to be blessed with the finances to begin
this new chapter in my life. I want to be the captain of my own ship. In other words I don’t want to work for anyone else. I want to be my own boss. The problem that I’m having is financing. It was so weird that you wrote about this because I was trying to remember what someone had said about praying and letting it go. It’s very difficult for me because I want this as much as I want to breathe air. Now since I have read your article it has bought everything full circle for me. I want to thank you for this. Sometimes we need someone to shine a different light on the things that we are hoping for. I have admired and respected you for years. You don’t know this but you have always been a inspiration for me because I too love to blog. Once I get my real estate in order I’m going to follow my other passion of which is blogging. When I have my sites up and running I will let you know. Thanks again for sharing. I needed to read your article. P.S. I believe that God sometimes works through others to get his message to us.

Aaron Smalls 2 Jul ’15 at 10:04 pm


Your story is really touching a real place to me right now. I’ve never really followed your other blog other than seeing it when coworkers in the past told me to look at something but reading your good bye letter I really love and respect your decision. I’ve had so many opportunities thus far granted to me brushed shoulders and worked with many of people that are idolized in this generation. It was fun and all but none of that really brings real fulfillment. It’s about following a passion and changing lives through it is what really touches someone and also adds purpose to someones life. I tell people all the time I’ve made a good amount of money in a short time due to a opportunity granted to me at 18 which I left at 27. But the money is not the motivation, it’s the only the means to my dreams. You should never focus about how much change ($) you make but how much CHANGE you can make. That would bring so much value that no amount of money can compare to. Good luck on you future journey! Maybe one day we can cross paths on the way to our dreams.

Aaron Smalls

Christa C. 3 Jul ’15 at 1:33 am

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I stumbled across your goodbye letter (love the necolebitchie blog by the way). But I read your letter and followed to this personal blog. Read a few of the articles and it really touched me. It was just what I needed on today (July 2, 2015).

So again, thank you!

Sophia 3 Jul ’15 at 7:02 pm

Your letter really touch me and make me think about what I also needed to do with my life to touch other and make me feel good about myself too.

I wish you touch many more lives .

Thank you

Ann Young 4 Jul ’15 at 12:33 am

I guess I am probably the only person living under a rock and didn’t really know your entire history and story Necole but after reading your farewell letter on twitter I was touched. I am a busy 34 year old mother of seven beautiful children and I am in a place kind of like where you were years ago. I am jobless and out of ideas on how to support my family. I know I am talented and I love writing. I have been in the healthcare arena for 10 years now as a Medical Assistant, EKG Tech, Phlebotomist, Administrator etc. Healthcare was my passion but not anymore. I truly want to succeed like you have professionally. I want to be able to afford a prom dress for my daughter or a family vacation out of the hood but I am not in a great financial place. I just wanna write and market/PR consult for small businesses(I help my bff with marketing and Public relations) and help other women like myself succeed and believe in their self. You personal story is touching. I wish we could meet or cross paths so I can ask you how you did it? I am fresh out of ideas. I don’t have the time or money to go back to school right now to get a business degree but I am determined to find professional success. Please can you fulfill a small dream of mine and contact me, I could sincerely use your guidance and advice. All the best Necole in all you do! Stay blessed.

ashley Stewart 7 Sep ’16 at 5:59 pm

Great site!

Laney Gomez 22 Mar ’17 at 7:29 am

I seek the good in life …… I value the good in people and cherish them. I seek love and I see the light in love.


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