She Didn’t Quit

Even when life seemed too much to bear

5 Things I’m Doing To Get A Running Head Start On 2017

Who gon’ stop me boo? Here’s five great things I’m doing to get a running head start on a winning New Year!

You Will Not Always Win

But do remember…there is a win in every lost.

Why I Quit My Celebrity Gossip Blog

I was fighting an internal battle every single day

My Mother’s Death Taught Me To Be Selfless

I learned a hard lesson…but after it was too late.

I Shall Not Waste Another Day Being Unhappy

The most profound moment I’ve had this year was when I realized I could not go another day without smiling.

A Distorted Perception Of Love

My mother and I were best friends... Until the day she defined love for me. Four months earlier, I came home from school to find a man sitting in our living room. He was tall, brown skin, hazel eyes and built like he may have played football. At first, I thought someone may have broken…

[Life Lessons] How I Realized It Was Time To Descend The Mountain

  'The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had...' I can't say that I'm the most spiritual person by most Christian's standards. I probably break a few biblical rules every now and then, and I am not in church every Sunday.  But my belief in God…

When Life Gets Stale…

The other day, I was browsing Tumblr, when I ran across someone asking a writer how she overcomes writer's block. The writer responded: I stop writing when life gets stale. She continued with advice on how to find inspiration: So I’ve learned to go to new places, meet new people, have new experiences. Take chances…

Run or Rise?

Isn't it crazy how we say we want certain things in our lives, and when they come, we continue to subconsciously push them out? 'Go away, go away, go away!' It's called fear. In life, we end up being scared of the things we want most and as a result (more…)